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If your thigh high socks are falling, they need a partner - introducing the NEW waist belt garter!


Our NEW favorite way to keep our thigh highs up is with a waist garter. This baby is super easy to use, looks sexy, and feels like it’s barely there!  


Our queens are always asking how to keep their over the knee socks over their knees. Too many ladies think tall socks just don’t work for them, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how thicc or thin your thighs are; keeping your thigh high socks up can be a challenge. Gravity just won’t let us be great. What you need is an assist. This waist garter is the spicy little accessory guaranteed to keep your thigh high socks up.

Waist Garter

SKU: 101
Product Color: black
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