Boudoir is CELEBRATING you!

Updated: Feb 11

A lot of women hear "boudoir" and assume it means LINGERIE or you/your body has to LOOK a certain way. lol HECK NO!

I can't stress it enough...BOUDOIR is what YOU MAKE IT!

Boudoir is YOUR definition of BEAUTEA.

Happy #WCW to my client Tisha! She is the definition of a WARRIOR!

She wanted a water session; sure no problem. Arrives in gown and I am a little puzzled but what the heck! LOVE a challenge.

"I am here to celebrate me and only me. You are looking at a domestic violence & brain tumor survivor."

I was honor to capture this QUEEN and hear her story! GO TISHA!


#loveyourself #fun #BlackGIRLMagic #njincphoto #warrior #survivor #boudoir #naturephotography

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