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Let's Talk Underwear

You read the title right ladies! Let's talk about it!

COMING SOON! Lingerie review with Nicole J.

If you didn't already know I am a LINGERIE Connoisseur! (trying to be)

Becoming a boudoir photographer; it takes more than just "aim & shoot" (well for me its definitely more than that)

It's all about location, hair, makeup, nails and best of all (cherry on top) what you will wear!

So with these Vlogs I am will share what knowledge I gain, so you are ready and prepared for your next session...for I am still learning.

Up and coming designers, discounts and if close enough local boutiques (Victoria Secret isn't the only one lol) BUT they will be definitely receiving their flowers too!

Please know and understand undergarments came in a variety of colors (other then red and black lol) and designs.

I can't stress this enough to my clients. I HAVE SO MANY TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!!!!!

Here is a NUDE set from Frederick's of Hollywood.


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