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Why I Love Newborn Lifestyle Photography Sessions:

A huge benefit of lifestyle photography is that you don’t have to spend the whole time posing people and thinking of things for them to do. It’s more about guidance.

For example, what happens when all the family members are sitting in bed together?

Inevitably a little person might sneak in for a cuddle, kids will start jumping, and the parents will start laughing. 

My job during a lifestyle newborn photography session is to simply capture it all.

Fee: $500

  • Taken in your home or selected a place

  • Must be taken within 1 - 3 weeks after baby is born

  • Unlimited number of family may join in on the photo session

  • There is no right or wrong way to capture this moment. Just be yourself and act as if I am not even there.​​​​​​

Why Lifestyle?

It's all about connection, love and fun with your new addition.

 During your session, I'll capture special moments with each family member and the baby as well as the family all together.

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