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Nicole J. Jones is a Birth Doula and Photographer (DouTographer), focused on supporting and documenting growing & DEAF families.


I’m a creative person with a passion for children and connecting with others. After many years as a professional photographer, I am making the transition to becoming a birth worker and I am excited to bring my photographic capabilities to this work. I am inspired by every day people, love, simple and extraordinary moments. I am interested in supporting and documenting families during the very tender moments of birth, as well as telling your story by photographing simple moments of family connection.

Birth Doula:

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides non-medical continuous physical, emotional, and educational support to a birthing person and their partner. This care throughout the birth process helps them achieve a healthy, memorable, and satisfying birth experience.

My Philosophy

I am passionate about providing non-judgmental, loving, physical, emotional, and informational support. This is your birth and I’d like to support and guide you as you welcome your new baby and grow as a family.

I get asked all the time what is it that I actually do.

Here is a little sneak peak.

Hire you DouTographer!

Newborn Baby with Mom
Noel Dec. 25, 2014 @ 12:01AM

Our Services


"Deciding To Photograph Your Birth Is An Investment That Never Loses Its Value"


Image by Gabriel Tovar

Gabbie March 2019

Why Hire A Birth Photographer?

The birth of a child is an event worth celebrating! So many unforgettable moments arise that will soon be forgotten.

With your birth team in place to offer unwavering emotional & physical support, your birth photographer (me) LOL provides the incentive of making sure you hold tight to the extra-ordinary details that surrounds the day you say ℎ𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑜 to your squishy baby for the very first time.

Let's Celebrate Y'all's BIRTH Day Together!!!


And Then There's This...


Let's be honest, there's so much more than money at stake here.


These are the memories of a day you can NEVER REDO!


When you call, I'm there. Even at 2a.m! Even if your labor is longer than expected. Hiring a professional means your partner or support people are 100% present and in the moment WITH you during labor and the bonding period after your baby is born.

Image by Jimmy Conover
Image by Jimmy Conover

Zack born 4am Baltimore, MD (I waited till sunrise for this moment)

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