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Why Hire a 
Birth Photographer

Birth Photography is more than just photos of a woman in labor.
That moment, that love, that image... it's priceless.

Do I really need a Birth Photographer?

Labor can be a blur and it’s helpful to have your partner’s full support.
Hiring a professional birth photographer allows your partner to give you the attention and support you need without having to worry about capturing the moment or even missing that moment. Your partner is fully present. I’ve had clients not remember a thing about their labor, but when they view their birth story, the emotions and memory come flooding back. It’s as if they are reliving that exact moment again.

During consultations, I always ask my clients why they want a birth photographer.

     Usually, the answer is because they know things get blurry, or sometimes because they regretted not having any good photos from their first birth. The real answer is obvious in this photo (left) - baby's first funny face. (an exact emoji) Mommy was resting when I captured this beauty.

When you're feeling more emotions than you can name, it's important to have someone who can see clearly, document those moments, so you can come back to them forever.  

Birth photography to me is about helping birthing people reclaim the story of their birth.

   So much of the empowerment and ownership of birth has been removed by the modern medical system, and we can obviously never know for sure how a birth is going to end. But through my photography, I hope to help families see the beauty in their stories, and the power in their accomplishment of birthing their baby, no matter how that story unfolds.

Because sometimes Daddy has his hands full.

   I had one beautiful client that had three traumatic brain surgeries last summer and had to have her c-section under general anesthesia. With that being said, she wanted me to document dad being there for their son's first moments since she knew she wouldn't remember them. He very much rose to the occasion. They needed to resect baby's cord a little more, so dad asked if he could do it since he missed the initial cutting. Baby needed to be fed with donor milk and he spoke right up that he wanted to try it.

Birth stories are about families becoming fuller and the love we have for these little people. Family should be part of the story, not behind the camera.

Why is it so expensive?

    Because we are dedicating our life to you. To be there for you and document every minute of your hard work. To be there at a drop of a pin, no matter what we are in the middle of, to stand by your side and help tell your story. Birthday parties, family vacations, day trips, date nights. We are so passionate about being there for you, we are absolutely ready to leave our lives to document the beginning of your little ones.

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