Each woman’s needs are different after giving birth and placenta encapsulation provides different opportunities and benefits based on the physical needs of the individual mother’s body.  As your Placenta Encapsulation specialist I maintain the highest standards in safety and quality.  All placentas are processed in a dedicated workspace used only for placenta encapsulation.  All equipment has been carefully chosen to maintain the integrity of the placenta throughout the process. 

Encapsulation Specialist

Fee: $350

Placenta Print & Cord Keepsake

These are literally once in a lifetime keepsakes. The placenta print is made using the natural placenta blood or food coloring paint to create a “tree of life”. The cord keepsake is made by forming the umbilical cord into the shape of a heart and dried.

Placenta Pills

Our placenta pills contain only processed placenta, with no additives of any kind.

(unless instructed otherwise)

Depending on size of placenta you receive approx. 120 - 150 pills 

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation
  • balances hormones

  • decreases the incidence of postpartum depression

  • increases energy and facilitates faster healing

  • lessens postpartum bleeding

  • promotes healthy breast milk production