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Father Holding Twins

As Your DouTographer...

Scott Twins Born 2018 John Hopkins Hospital (my first twins)

The Beauty of Birth...

livy me 1.jpg

It seems only fair that if you will be inviting me into such a vulnerable space, I should invite you into mine. That’s me over there. (way before locs) lol joined by my mother, holding my princess. (2015)

My obsession with and knowledge of birth extends far beyond my role as a photographer, and I humbly think that makes me an incredible asset to your birth team. I find the physiological process of birth endlessly fascinating, and I never want to stop learning about it.

In this work, my knowledge and trust in birth means I feel completely at ease in your birth space. As of this year 2022,  I am proud to say that I am ready and able to provide full spectrum doula support in addition to, or separate from, photography. (films coming soon). This support extends to people through any reproductive experience, including conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, abortion, lactation consulting and unexpected loss.

I believe our stories are changing the world.

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Remember Every Moment, Just As It Happened.
Raw. Unfiltered. Perfect.

I love what I do!
 - Capturing your Unconditional Love -
Your Birth. Your Story.

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